LaserCut Structures In HO Scale
Last Updated April 4, 2023

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Kit No. 111 Farber Depot
Built to a standard plan by the Chicago & Alton Railroad in the late 1800's, this rural depot features agent's living quarters on the second floor. When its railroad days were finished, the city turned the station grounds into a park and preserved the depot, which is still standing today. A beautiful and intricate Laser-Cut kit, at home on any layout. 6.5" Long x 5" Wide x 4" High -

Kit No. 114 Portable Tool & Handcar House
Paint it to match and this small structure will look great alongside any station or junction tower. Based on a Missouri Pacific prototype, it's similar to designs used on just about every railroad in the United States. The kit includes set-off tracks to park a hand car or motor car. Assembled structure measures 2" long x 1-13/64" wide x 1-1/2" tall. -

  Kit No. 115 Farmer's Grain Co. Elevator
The prototype for this kit is a small cribbed country elevator, the plans for which were found in the third edition of Plans of Grain Elevators, published in 1913 by the Grain Dealers Journal. This small elevator with its ramps leading to the unloading shed was common around the turn of the 20th century in locations where relatively small amounts of grain or corn were grown. A number of elevators of this type can still be found today, but usually in a greatly altered form. The design’s construction consisted of building storage bins of timbers and then covering these with boards to protect them form the elements. The cupola housed the elevator used to raise the grain to the top of the structure and a pipe system to route it to the appropriate storage bin. Machinery was also located there to clean the grain. An office and machinery building were attached for recording storage.

In particular, the plans for this elevator were labeled “Northwestern Line Elevator.” It is not known if this was a design favored by the Chicago & North Western Railroad, but it was not uncommon for a railroad to design a standard building and then lease it to an independent operator. In many instances, railroads would furnish the land and the siding in an attempt to convince an operator to locate on its lines.

This small HO scale elevator will fit nicely on any size layout. It includes the Scale, Office, and Unloading Shed. Features include: peel & stick windows, doors, and trim; drive in ramps with laser-scribed decking; tabbed and slotted wall construction; positionable doors; access ladder; white metal grain spout; simulated standing seam metal roofing; and a color sign sheet. The assembled kit measures 6" long x 5.5" wide x 7" high. -

  Kit No. 117 Hitzeman's Feed Mill
Many farming communities were centered around the feed mill in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact, these mills are still the focal point of many small towns today. The N. Hitzeman Feed Mill is not based off a single design, but rather incorporates the attributes of many different mills commonly located in rural areas of North America.

This laser-cut structure includes: two loading docks with wood decking and stair; tabbed and slotted wall construction; peel & stick windows, doors, and trim; rolled roofing; and Grandt Line Nut-Bolt-Washer castings. It makes an excellent companion piece for several of our HO scale grain elevators, including Kit No. 121, Silex Grain Elevator; Kit No. 166 Alton Grain Elevator; and Kit No. 193 the Country Grain Elevator. The assembled structure measures 9” Long x 5.5” Wide x 7” High. -

  Kit No. 118 Railroad Supply Company
From the earliest days of the railroad to the present, the supply depot was a necessity for storage of equipment. Seen mainly at division points, the supply depot might hold track materials for maintenance of way forces, signal equipment for the signal gang or engine and caboose supplies. 4.75” Long x 2.5” Wide x 2.25” High. - MSRP...$34.95

  Kit No. 119 Country Barn
Horses and sheep, or goats and chickens.....whatever your stock, they’ll be snug for the winter or out of the hot summer sun in AMB’s Country Barn. Designed after those seen and old......from coast to coast. An incredibly engineered kit complete with Laser-Cut hexagonal barn shingles. Can be built with or without dormers. 7.5” Long x 5.5” Wide x 5.75” High. - MSRP...$89.95

  Kit No. 120 Lake Junction Station
Perfect for those who don't have room for a depot. This was a suburban stop on the Missouri Pacific west of St. Louis, and also controlled the trains coming off a branch at that point. Could also be used as a small yard office. 2.25" long x 2" wide x 2.5" high. -

 Kit No. 121 Silex Grain Elevator
Located in east central Missouri, this elevator is typical of many small rural elevators built throughout North America at the turn of the 20th century. Originally built as a wood framed structure with clapboard siding, it was later covered with corrugated metal to reduce the likelihood of fire and has weathered the years with few modifications. At one time the tracks of the St. Louis & Hannibal Railroad passed through this farming community and many cars were spotted at this elevator. By 1940, the St. L & H had abandoned this part of the line, though, ending rail service to Silex. The elevator continued to be used by trucks until it was replaced by a more modern facility built nearby.

Our kit is entirely laser-scribed and cut form quality Evergreen styrene corrugated sheet and includes a wood foundation and laser-cut peel & stick windows and doors for ease of assembly. The assembled structure measures 5.75" long x 4.5" wide x 7.75" high. -

 Kit No. 122 Dill's Market
At one time they were everywhere..... the small corner grocery and gas station, serving the needs of town and city neighborhoods. Some are still around today, but most are just memories. Dill’s Market is based on a building which is still standing today - it last served as a lawn mower repair shop. 100% Laser-Cut, this small building will fit any layout, any era. 3.5” long x 2.5” wide x 2.5”high. A screen door & window set is available separately. -

Kit No. 123 Corydon General Store & Post Office
There’s probably a gas station there, too! In small towns, on dusty highways, sandwiched between warehouses, this combination style general store, post office and gas station is still seen today throughout the U.S. and Canada. Corydon is an “L” shaped building with front and rear covered porches, a combination of peel & stick rolled roofing and hexagonal shingles, and bi-level, Laser-Scribed front decking. 5.25” Wide x 7” Deep x 3.25” High. A screen door and window set is available separately. -

 Kit No. 124 Illinois Central Type "B" Depot
Whether your running the Illinois Central Line or another road, this combination depot/office is perfect for the suburban, small town, or country scene on your layout. 100% Laser-Cut with tabbed and slotted clapboard wall construction and peel & stick shingle strips. 4.25” long x 2.75” wide x 2.25” high. -

 Kit No. 125 Santa Fe No. 1 Standard Two Story Depot
Based on a Santa Fe prototype built in Colorado, New Mexico, and western Kansas in the 1880’s, many of these buildings remained until well into the 1960’s. Out model kit features a variety of innovative construction techniques never before found in a mass produced structure kit, including flush mount window frames on board and batten siding, and a unique, Laser-Cut tabbed and slotted bay window. An awesome kit! 5” Long x 3” Wide x 3.75” High. -

Kit No. 126 Mrs. William's House
A frame bungalow with covered front and rear porches, exterior cellar doors, and beautiful, Laser-cut latticework under the front porch. Features include our usual tabbed and slotted construction, windows and doors that assemble in layers with peel & stick backing, and self-adhesive Laser-Cut roofing strips. A great little farm or small-town house.....seen from the 20’s right up to the present day! 6” Long x 3.75” Wide x 3” High.

  Kit No. 127 UP Standard 24' x 64' Depot with Freight Dock
100% LaserCut, of course, with all the precision-designed and cut parts and detail you have some to expect from LASERKIT®. Features include custom Laser-Scribed siding below the belt-rail, clapboard above, and beautiful brackets and end trusses. Also included are Peel & Stick tabbed shingle strips and two Union Pacific Style, cast white metal chimneys. A really great looking depot! 10” Long x 3.5” Wide x 2.5” High. -

 Kit No. 128 Two Story Section House
Based on a Missouri Pacific prototype, but appropriate for any railroad, this clapboard section house features front and rear covered porches, tabbed and slotted wall and roof construction, our layered, Peel & Stick window & door system, and Peel & Stick roofing strips. 3.75” Long x 4.5” Wide x 3” High. -

 Kit No. 129 One Story Section House
This one is based on a small Rio Grande section house, with covered front porch, clapboard siding and Peel & Stick windows, doors, and roofing. It would also be great as a small market, mountain cabin or gas station. 5.75” Long x 2.5” Wide x 2.5” High. - MSRP...$29.95

Kit No. 130 Atlantic Coast Line Standard Depot
100% Laser-Cut, this traditional southern style depot will be a great addition to any southeastern or southern layout. Features include the unique Atlantic Coast Line bay window and dormer and a wrap-around freight dock. Complete this kit with AMB’s cast white metal, ACL style chimneys (included) and you’ll have a great addition to your layout. 13” Long x 5” Wide x 3.5” High. - MSRP...$79.95

Kit No. 131 Pennsylvania Railroad Tool House
From Pennsy drawings....their Standard Tool House Design. This prototypical Pennsylvania Railroad structure features Board & Batten siding, Peel & Stick windows and doors and rolled “tarpaper” roofing. Double front doors can be modeled opened or closed. Could also be used as a garage “companion” for any of out growing line of houses, or any type of farm or town storage building. 3” Long x 2.25” Wide x 2” High. -

Kit No. 132 N&W Tower at Forest, VA
A prototype structure from N & W drawings. This large interlocking tower was built at Forest, Virginia at the junction of a southern freight cut-off, for transit around Lynchburg. Features include 100% Laser-Cut parts, beautiful, layered Peel & Stick windows and doors, a “tin” style roof with Peel & Stick batten strips and an incredibly engineered, outside staircase. Finish it off with an AMB cast white metal smoke, and you have a wonderful tower for your N & W layout, or any other railroad. 5” Long x 2.5” Wide x 4.25” High - MSRP...$54.95

Kit No. 133 Great Northern Standard 30' x 60' Depot

The Great Northern Railway utilized a wide variety of depot styles; however, the majority of the frame depots followed one of two basic standard designs. The simpler of the two was used prior to 1909, but its design date is unknown. The model on which this kit is based was designed in 1909 and renewed in 1930. This standard was followed for 40 years. A depot modernization program was begun in 1949 and lasted well into the 1950s. Many depots were significantly altered during this period and their original style was no longer obvious.

The 1909 depot featured architectural treatments that were missing on the earlier design, such as angled bay sides, enclosed eaves with special corner treatment, and an external wainscoting, which separated the different types of siding. The depot was constructed in several sizes: 24’ x 48’; 30’ x 60’ (as this kit is modeled); and 30’ x 64’ (with a warm room in the freight end). Larger depots were built when necessary, usually by enlarging the freight and baggage room. The design also featured reversible waiting and freight rooms, so that the waiting room could be placed on the end closest to public access.

While the earliest Great Northern frame depots were painted mineral red, after 1909, a two tone scheme was utilized. Schemes such as tan with brown and two tone green have been reported, but since 1930 the vast majority were painted in a light gray with darker gray trim. With the commencement of the modernization program, the standard colors became white with green trim.

Our kit features: clapboard siding, peel & stick tabbed shingle strips, angled bay window, plus a ladder hanging on the end wall. Also includes wall framing with wainscoting; roof with soffit detail; laser-cut peel & stick doors and windows with glazing – all that assemble with ease; cast chimney; and clear concise illustrated instructions. Assembled structure measures 8.25” Long x 4.125” Wide x 3.25” High. -

 Kit No. 134 Southern Pacific Standard No. 22 Depot
Designed from the original railroad drawings. This style of depot was built by the Southern pacific Railroad on both narrow and standard gauge lines, with many still standing today. Incredibly detailed, this 100% Laser-Cut kit features our standard layered window & door assembly, a two story bay window, Laser-Cut shingles with Peel & Stick backing, a loading dock and an AMB cast white metal chimney. 11" Long x 3.5" Wide x 4.5" High. The Loading dock adds 5" to length, 1" to width. -

 Kit No. 135 Ellington's Mercantile
Perfect for any town.....any time. 100% Laser-Cut scribed siding with two story front and covered front porch with Peel & Stick front decking. A special feature is our newly designed, recessed entryway with large display windows which were typical on this type of store. Display your wares and maybe add a couple of gas pumps out front and you have the focal point of any small town of yesterday or today. 6.5" Long x 6" Wide x 3.5" High. - MSRP...$49.95

 Kit No. 136 Springfield Cafe
This nifty little cafe with a "liveover" and covered rear lean-to is the perfect companion for Springfield Depot, Ellington Mercantile, or any of our other "town" structures. Features include Clapboard siding with tab and slot construction, a covered front porch with "hanging" roof, Peel & Stick, Layered window assembly, and screens. Could also serve as a barber shop, pub or tavern. 4.5" Long x 2.25" Wide x 3" High. -

Kit No. 137 Pacific Electric Style Passenger Shelter.
Designed from the only known photograph of a Passenger Shelter located on the Four Tracks Mainline of the legendary Pacific Electric, at the 92nd Street crossing, and just opposite of the Graham Street yard. Similar structures could be found throughout the country wherever passengers would wait for passing busses, trolleys, or trains. 100% Laser-cut and scribed with wonderful detail and trim. Includes two shelters each measuring 1.75" Long x 1.5" Wide x 1.25" High when assembled.- MSRP...$15.95/2

 Kit No. 138 Springfield Depot
The depot that’s perfect for any era.....any railroad.....any part of the country. Features include our unique "stand alone" three window bay, Laser-Cut shake style shingles with Peel & Stick backing, and our layered windows with glazing. This classic style one story depot is designed for quick, easy, and fun construction, and a great look on anyone’s layout. 5.5" Long x 2.25" Wide x 2.5" High.-

  Kit No. 139, "139 Maple Street
The perfect little farmhouse or in-town house.....covered front porch with delicate, laser-cut trim, and a complete screened-in porch with screen door on the rear. Clapboard siding, tab and slot construction, peel & stick windows, doors, and rolled roofing combine to make this a quick, easy, and fun kit to build. 3.5” Long x 3” Wide x 2.5” High. -

 Kit No. 140. Two Story Farm House
On the farm or in the town, this is the house you’ve been asking for. 100% Laser-cut wood clapboard siding with tab and slot construction and, our original peel & stick layered window system. This typical two story house has an attached rear “kitchen”, an incredibly designed and delicate front porch with Laser-cut trim and steps, and “tin” style roofing. Two AMB cast white metal chimneys tops it off. A beautiful kit with the standard, excellent LASERkit® construction. 4.75” Long x 3.25” Wide x 4.25 High. Rear Lean-to adds 1.25” Depth. -

 Kit No. 141. New Freedom, Pennsylvania Railroad Depot
The long awaited Pennsy prototype. Features include Board and Batten siding, Layered, Peel & Stick Windows and Doors, a beautifully designed three window bay, and a raised passenger and loading platform. Can also be built without the platform. A great addition to your Pennsy layout, or any other railroad layout needing an interesting passenger/freight depot. 13” Long x 5” Wide x 3.75” High -

  Kit No. 142. Santa Fe Two Story Combination Depot
This is the LASERkit® that you saw on the front cover of the 1997 Walthers Catalog.....designed specifically for that purpose. Features include accurate Santa Fe style windows and doors which assemble in layers with peel & stick backing and diamond shape Laser-Cut shingle strips with scale one inch flats. Out unique three window bay, tab and slot construction and beautifully Laser-Cut eave brackets complete this newest kit. A “must have” whether you’re a Santa Fe modeler or not. 11.75” Long x 3.25” Wide x 4” High. - MSRP...$109.95

 Kit No. 143 Windsor Hotel 
Designed from a photograph of an old hotel in Nebraska, this style of structure was extremely common in the early to mid 1900’s across the country and up into Canada. Features include 100% Laser-cut parts, with tabbed and notched side and roof pieces for ease of construction. Windows and Doors feature our unique, layered Peel & Stick design, and the covered front balcony has beautiful and delicate laser-cut trim. Another great town building for your layout. 3.75” Wide x 7.75” Deep x 4.5” High -

 Kit No. 144 - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Depot (CB&Q - Burlington Route)
Designed from a depot located at Whitehall, Illinois. Board and Batten siding with operator’s bay. 100% Laser-cut wood with layered, Peel & Stick window and door assembly and tabbed and notched walls and roof pieces. A great depot for any layout. Assembled kit measures 11.5" Long x 3.5" Wide x 3.5" High. -

 Kit No. 145 - Nine Mile House and Tavern
Designed from an old St. Louis tavern located exactly nine miles from the St. Louis City/County line, this building is still standing, although there have been some changes over the years. It is now called The Train Wreck Saloon, features a rear beer garden, complete with an old wood caboose, and is a popular “hot spot”. Our kit is 100% laser-cut wood with layered, peel & stick window and door assembly, “tin” style roof, corner doors and windows, and two AMB cast white metal chimneys. Included with the kit is full color signage and front sign board. 4” Wide x 5” Deep x 4.5” High. - MSRP...$74.95

 Kit No. 147 Hillview Volunteer Fire Co.
Designed from a photo of an old fire house in Hillview, Illinois, but appropriate for anywhere in the country. Our two story fire house is just large enough to house the town pumper truck on the lower level, with office and storage above. This kit features incredible “Queen Anne” style windows which assemble in layers with peel & stick backing, doors which can be modeled opened or closed, an outside stairway, and diamond shaped peel & stick shingle strips. Assembled kit measures 3" Wide x 4" Deep x 4.5" High - MSRP...$47.95

  Kit No. 148 New Haven Depot
Originally constructed as the freight depot in Wethersfield, Connecticut, this building was put into service for passenger use when the original depot burned. Very similar to other New Haven depots, this one is 100% laser-cut wood with tabbed and notched wall and roof pieces, layered window assembly, and freight dock. Comes complete with the typical “New York Show” signs in full color. Assembled kit measures 6.25" Long x 3.5" Wide x 3.5" High. - MSRP...$69.95

 Kit No. 149 Northern Pacific Depot
The standard Northern Pacific Class A Combination Depot according to plans used by the railroad between 1889 and 1900. This kit can be modified for a Class B Depot by eliminating the waiting room to the left of the bay window, or a Class C Depot by eliminating the waiting room and narrowing the bay to include only two windows. 100% Laser-cut with layered peel & stick window assembly, peel & stick shingle strips, and full color signage. Assembled structure measures 10.5" long x 3.5" wide x 3" high. - MSRP...$94.95

 Kit No. 150 Southen Pacific Combination Type 23 Depot With Dock
A beautiful kit for any SP modeler. Incredible engineering for simplicity and ease of building. 100% laser-cut wood with layered, peel & stick windows, doors, and shingles, tabbed & notched wall and roof pieces, laser-cut wood loading dock with laser-scribed decking and correct, Southern Pacific style smokejacks. 11” Long x 3.5” Wide x 3” High. Loading dock adds 5” to length and 1” to width. - MSRP...$119.95

   Kit No. 151 Old Man Dan’s House
A great little town or country house with covered front porch and delicate, laser-cut trim. The siding comes scribed and the house can be built with or without the laser-cut, peel & stick shingle strips. AMB cast white metal chimney included. 4” wide x 4” deep x 2.25” high. - MSRP...$44.95

 Kit No. 152 Big Four Freight House
A New York Central design, used on the CCC & StL Railroad, a subsidiary of the New York Central Railroad. Laser-cut, scribed siding with cast white metal piers, and a flared, hip roof. Windows and doors assemble in layers with peel & stick backing. Also included is an extra-long freight dock. Structure is 7” long x 3” deep x 3.5” high. Dock is 9.25” long x 1.25” wide. - MSRP...$59.95

 Kit No. 153 The Hanley House
This turn of the century two story home features 
precision laser-cut Victorian railing and trim, Queen Anne style windows, 
hexagonal shingles, ornate capped chimneys, and a separate one car garage. 
House measures 6"L x 4.75"W x 4.5"H. Garage measures 2.5"L x 2"W x 1.75"H.  -

 Kit No. 154 HO Scale Water Tank
Although based on a Missouri Pacific prototype, the water tank is of a common design used by many different railroads. The laser-cut kit includes jigs and fixtures to ease assembly as well as cast resin spout, pulleys, and footers. Other details include a laser-cut ladder and optional white metal roof top finial. Assembled kit measures 4" Long x 4" Wide x 6.5" High. - MSRP...$59.95

 Kit No. 155 HO Scale D&RGW Cumbres Depot
Available in HO scale again by popular demand! This famous depot was located atop Cumbres Pass along the route of the Denver & Rio Grande Western’s San Juan narrow gauge extension. Carefully scaled after the original building, yet it’s versatile enough for use on almost any HO scale model railroad of any era. This revised kit features laser-cut walls with pre-milled siding, interior floor with wall partitions, new, accurate laser-cut roof brackets that are now tabbed into the walls, new one piece white metal chimneys, and our usual laser-cut Peel & Stick shingles, doors and windows. An optional foundation is also provided. Built-up, the HO scale depot measures 5.25 “Long x 3.25” Wide x 2.875” High. - MSRP...$69.95

 Kit No. 156  B&O Elevated Freight House
The Baltimore & Ohio, like most major roads, used structures built to a common standard. The standard for the 16’ x 40’ freight house dates back to at least 1906, but it was likely adapted from an even earlier design. Built in quantity along the B&O right of way over the years, the structure is quite simple, yet has certain features which elevate it above a plain freight depot giving it a presence and flair all its own. With its elevated wooden dock, single stairway, and above average roof with slate shingles, metal caps, and finials, the design offers a status befitting its position in any town. This features laser-cut parts with our usual Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction. The B & O’s unique hip roof design has been captured to a tee including custom made white metal roof caps and finials and laser-cut, Peel & Stick slate style shingle strips. Also included is the elevated dock with its intricate stairway, pre-cut wood legs, and laser scribed micro-thin 3-ply plywood deck. When assembled, the freight house facility measures 7.5” Long x 4” Wide x 3.25” High.  - MSRP...$49.95

 Kit No. 157  CB&Q Depot at West Burlington
A typical small wooden depot similar to many found on the Burlington, this laser-cut kit features board and batten construction, peel and stick windows and doors, rolled roofing, and cast white metal chimney. Dimensions are 8" long x 4" wide x 3" high. - MSRP...$59.95

 Kit No. 158  Pump House
A companion structure to our kit #154 Water Tank. Used by railroads for supplying water to their water storage tanks, this small pump house kit features peel and stick window and door construction as well as a roof top derrick. 1.5"L x 1.5"W x 5"H (with optional derrick). - MSRP...$12.95

 Kit No. 159  Alaska Railroad Depot at Nenana
This is our largest laser-cut depot kit to date! The two story depot kit features shake shingles, white metal chimneys, hip roof design, waiting room veranda, and twin bay windows. Measures 15.5" L x 4.25" W x 4.25" H. - MSRP...$169.95

 Kit No. 160 Burlington Interlocking Tower
Named "Wood Tower" by the Q, the structure stood at Burlington, Iowa from 1892 - 1959. The kit features an intricately detailed L - shaped staircase. 6"L (with staircase) x 1.75"W x 3.5"H. - MSRP...$49.95

 Kit No. 161 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Class C 20' x 60' Depot
Based on B&O standard plans, this HO scale kit features all laser-cut parts with tab and slot construction; two siding styles; interior partition walls; Peel & Stick slate shingles, ornate white metal roof caps, finials, and chimney; and individual rafter tails. Finished structure measures 8.5"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H. 
85K82K 162K Bay Window Close-up

 Kit No. 162 Sand Drying & Storage Facility
This new kit is based on a structure built in Coffeyville Kansas around 1919. Its function was to receive "green" sand, dry it, and then deliver it into locomotive sand boxes. The structure, which housed two sand dryers, is designed to service two tracks. A sand bin is also included. Features all laser-cut parts, Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, and detail parts for constructing the delivery pipe system. Measures 7 5/8" L x 2 1/2" W x 5" H. - MSRP...$36.95

 Kit No. 163 CB&Q Standard Tool Houses
Perhaps the most common structure found throughout the CB&Q system, this Sectional Tool House design dates back to 1929. Almost every section gang had at least one of these to house their tools, handcars or their speeders. Quite similar in appearance to Tool Houses found on other roads, examples of the original CB&Q Tool House still exist to day on the Burlington Northern - Santa Fe. Features all laser-cut parts, Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, and parts for building a traditional set-off. Two complete kits per box. Each measures 2" L x 1 3/4" W x 1 1/2" H. (Includes 2 Tool Houses). - MSRP...$19.95

  Kit No. 164 Martinsburg Coal Mine #1
Includes hoist house with attached changing room, headframe with loading house and tailings trestle. Coal chutes provided for both railcar loading and truck loading. Complete mine complex measures 10"L x 9"W x 5"H.
MSRP $62.95

Kit No. 166 Alton Elevator
Like the other grain elevators in our Country Grain Elevator Series, this kit is based on an actual elevator, which happens to be located in a town called Alton in north central Kansas. At the time this kit was designed, the Alton Elevator was still standing. This structure was built with wood siding originally, but in later years was covered in corrugated metal. Our kit represents the prototype's as-built appearance and this general design could be found in other places throughout the country too. However, this particular elevator is a bit unique in appearance due to the small office building added to the side of the structure. We have included this addition in our kit as well, but have left it separate from the main structure. This offers the modeler the option of placing it on either side of the elevator according to what best fits on their layout.
The Alton Elevator kit features 100% laser-cut components with our standard tab & slot wall and roof construction and Peel & Stick trim, windows and doors. Peel & Stick roofing material is also included with simulated metal roofing on the elevator roof and diamond shaped asbestos type shingles on the office addition's roof, which is further enhanced by white metal ridge caps and finial. Finishing off the kit is a white metal flexible style grain spout. When fully assembled, the Elevator with addition (as pictured) measures 6.5 inches long x 5.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches high.
MSRP $84.95

 Santa Fe Lineside Structures  (Kits 167-169, 174, 175)
These new additions to our Santa Fe structure lineup are based on ATSF standard drawings as provided by Jay H. Miller and the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society.  All kits feature 100% laser-cut parts with Tab & Slot construction and Peel & Stick components.  Additional details specific to each prototype are listed below. 

Kit #167 ATSF Standard Single Stall “Yard Closets”
Includes two outhouses per kit with hasp and lock detail on the doors and accurate circular wall vent openings in a diamond shaped pattern.   Each measures .625 inches long x .625 inches wide x 1.25 inches high. - MSRP ...$9.95.

  Kit #168 ATSF Standard Double Stall “Yard Closets”
Includes two outhouses per kit with hasp and lock detail on the doors and accurate circular wall vent openings in a diamond shaped pattern.   Each measures 1.125 inches long x .625 inches wide x 1.25 inches high. - MSRP ...$10.95.

  Kit #169 ATSF Standard Section Tool House
Includes hasp and lock detail on doors, see-through louvered wall vents, door roller brackets, and rafter tails.  The assembled kit measures 2 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches high. - MSRP ...$12.95 each.

85' Roundhouse Kits 
100% Laser-cut structure of a Standard 85' Roundhouse. Kit features full interior framing, positionable doors, full open hood smoke jacks, and Peel & Stick windows, doors, and roofing material. Perfect for use with the Walthers 90' Turntable #933-3171. Center Stall kits may be added to any roundhouse to create an even larger facility.

   Kit No. 170 Two-Stall Roundhouse
Measures 12" L x 8"W (At rear of structure) x 6" H. - MSRP...$129.95

Kit No. 171 Center Stall Add On - MSRP...$49.95

Kit No. 172 Four Stall Roundhouse
Measures 12" L x 14 1/2" W (At rear of structure) x 6" H. - MSRP...$204.95

Kit No. 173 Six-Stall Roundhouse
Measures 12" L x 22"W (At rear of structure) x 6" H. - MSRP...$284.95

  Kit #174 ATSF Signal Maintainer’s House with Motor Car Garage
Includes our exclusive one-piece fold-up hip roof design, hasp and lock detail on the doors, and simulated hanging style door track.   The assembled kit measures 3 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1.75 inches high.  - MSRP ...$14.95 each.

  Kit #175 ATSF Signal Maintainer’s House without Motor Car Garage 
Includes our exclusive one-piece fold-up hip roof design and hasp and lock detail on the door. The assembled kit measures 2 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches high.
  - MSRP ...$13.95 each.

 Kit No. 176 SP Two Story Combination Depot Type 22 “Left Hand” 
Over 70 Two Story Combination Type 22 depots were built by the Southern Pacific Railroad between 1899 and 1910.  They were more commonly found in California, but examples were also located in Texas, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Nevada.  A prominent feature of the Type 22 depot is the two-story high rectangular shaped bay window.  The structure, which exhibited horizontal wood siding, typically measured 25 feet wide.  The second story, with the same width of 25 feet, was usually 32 feet in length or longer.  The freight room was built long enough to accommodate the SP’s anticipated business at that location and ranged in size from 30 to 84 feet in length.  Other variations between Type 22 depots also existed such as loading dock size, window and door arrangements, and roof design as well as mirrored floor plans.  In fact, our latest SP depot offering is a mirror image of our kit #124 Type 22 depot first released back in 1996.  Examples of “left handed” Type 22s could be found in California at La Verne, Palmdale, Grass Lake, and Chatsworth.  Our structure kit displays a 25 foot wide by 38 foot 6 inch long two-story portion with a 42 foot long freight room.  As usual, the kit is 100% laser-cut and utilizes Peel & Stick and Tab & Slot construction.  Features include:  3-Tab shingles, loading dock, positionable window sashes, visible rafter details, and accurately shaped brackets.  Optional detail parts include alternate front waiting room wall and bay ticket window and three different chimney styles so the modeler can best match the model to the prototype depot they are representing on their layout.  Finished structure measures 11” long x 3.5” wide x 4.5” high.  The loading dock adds 5” to length and 1 “ to width.   MSRP $139.95

 Kit No. 177 IC Type A Depot
The Illinois Central built a series of new, smaller depots during the post WWII era as a cost savings measure.  Many of the company’s older depots were in need of extensive repairs and the decline of passenger service on several lines made it more economical to tear down the original structure and then build a replacement out of new and salvaged lumber.  The type “A”, represented by this kit, was one of the larger of the four standard designs (the smaller type B depot is represented by our kit #124) measuring 36 feet 3 inches in length and 16 feet 3 inches wide at the end walls.  It had a separate waiting room for passengers, an office for the agent, and an express-baggage-freight area.  Our kit features pre-milled laser-cut siding; Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim; 3-Tab shingles; cast chimney; and screen door.  As a bonus, optional parts included with this kit allow the modeler to build a left or right hand depot, entrance door canopy, and a ground level or dock high freight door.  Measures 5” long x 2.75” wide (with bay) x 2.25” high.  MSRP $39.95

  Kit No. 178 Midwest Farm Combo
This cost saving combo package includes three of our best selling kits:  the Country Barn, the Two-Story Farmhouse, and Sonny’s Shack.  Displayed together, they form a typical midwestern family farm scene.  All three kits feature 100% laser-cut parts and our proven Peel & Stick and Tab & Slot technology for ease of construction.  Assembled, the Country Barn measures 7.5” long x 5.5” wide x 5.75” high and includes optional dormers, the Two-Story Farmhouse, with its attached rear kitchen and delicately detailed front porch, measures 4.75” long x 4.5” wide x 4.25” high, and Sonny’s Shack, outfitted with barn red colored tarpaper exclusive to this set, measures 4.5” long x 2.5” wide x 1.75” long.  MSRP $149.95

  Kit #179  PRR Standard Coal Trestle
The PRR, in 1907 (revised 1911), issued drawing number 59146 for a standard trestle design to be used for the unloading of coal wherever on line customers required. The bents beneath the rails helped to form storage bins into which hopper cars were unloaded. The standard length was 75’ long, but the design could be extended to whatever length was required by either terrain or the operator of the coal yard. In reality, this unloading platform was nothing more than a light duty railroad trestle. 
Our HO scale Coaling Trestle features 100% laser-cut components so there is no need to cut bundles of strip wood to size or use complicated jigs as found in other manufacturers’ kits – all the hard work as been done by our lasers! The timbers have even been pre-notched making assembly of the bents, stringers, and bracing a breeze. Also included are laser-scribed boards for forming the coal bins beneath the trestle and the walk ways, and delicate handrail, as well as Micro-Engineering code 70 rail and a combination gauge for keeping all the ties and rail properly spaced. When finished, the 10” Long x 2.25” Wide x 2” High (over handrail) coal trestle is ready for installation on your layout. MSRP $44.95

Kit No. 180 Cullen Station

Cullen Station is based on a structure once standing at milepost 133.9 on the Virginian Railway’s old Norfolk Division. The multipurpose station had provided the town of Cullen, VA with both a freight and passenger depot. Situated along the trackage running from Victoria to Roanoke, the building housed the agent’s office, a 9’ 4” x 12’ 0” freight room with adjacent loading dock, and an attached open shed “waiting room”. We believe the structure to have been erected before the First World War and photographs suggest it remained in service after the Virginian’s merger in to Norfolk Western in 1959 on through the early 1970s. Click on photo above for additional information and photos! MSRP...$29.95

  Kit #181 Coldwater Coal Company Yard
Typical of small community material yards, the Coldwater Coal Company was the place that the local town's people and businesses could purchase their heating coal as well as other commodities such as gravel and sand. The kit includes a 24' x 18' yard office with truck scale, several material bins, 120 scale feet of wood fencing, and a coal trestle based on a Pennsylvania Railroad prototype. As usual with a LASERKIT, all structural components of this kit are laser-cut and designed for ease of assembly. The yard office features Peel & Stick windows, door, trim, and rolled roofing as well as a white metal chimney and a laser-scribed and cut truck scale. Our Pennsy trestle has 8 individual bents, which are easily constructed from precision laser-cut and notched basswood components. The trestle also includes laser-cut wood ties, handrail, and Micro Engineering Code 70 rail. The yard is designed to adapt to almost any location on your layout. As pictured, the compound requires an area 12" x 12" in size not counting the grading for the approach to the trestle.  MSRP $79.95

Kit #182 Union Pacific Standard 24' x 64' Single Story Depot
This Union Pacific Railroad prototype dates back to the Harriman era and represents one of the most common designs used by the railroad beginning in 1900. Representatives of the 24' x 64' depot class could be found in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming and many lasted well into the diesel era with a few examples still standing today. Unlike our earlier UP depot Kit #127, which represents an Oregon Short Line version, this newly designed right hand bay depot is configured with the UP's more commonly used waiting room door and window arrangement. It features laser-cut roof brackets and gable trusses, Peel & Stick 3-Tab shingles, an interior floor with wall partitions, white metal chimneys, and a separate loading dock with ramp. The finished structure measures 10" Long, x 3.5" Wide x 2.5" High.  MSRP $89.95


  Kit #183 ATSF Standard Telephone Booths
According to John Signor, editor of the Warbonnet, the Official Magazine of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, "Common on Santa Fe lines throughout the system, in an age before radio communications, these little six-sided wooden phone booths were placed near telegraph lines at points where train crews might need to contact the dispatcher - typically ends of sidings, junctions, or points where spurs or drill tracks entered the main line." Furthermore, similar looking prototypes to our latest lineside structure kit once populated the right of ways of many other US railroads as well. Kit #183 includes three (3) telephone booths that uniquely feature the walls and roof cut from one piece of our Resin-ply material, which fold up to make the basic structure. Wall battens, trim, window, and door use our Peel & Stick technology and are applied over the assembled shell. We've designed the layout of the parts sheets so the components can all be pre-painted by the modeler and, once dry, a phone booth can be constructed in only a matter of minutes! Each assembled phone booth measures 0.75" long x 0.75" wide x 1.5" high.  MSRP $21.95

  Kit #184 The Drinkwater Place
Small rural farms are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In the depression era, people often depended on farming as their only means of survival; growing their own food and selling anything that was left over. Located in Southeast Missouri, the Drinkwater Place was just such a farm. Its distinctive 1920s era house serves as the basis for our latest HO scale wood frame residence. Traditional farmhouses like kit #184 could be practically found anywhere in North America with examples seen over a wide geographic range. Because of this, our kit will build into a family dwelling that will fit on nearly any model railroad layout. The Drinkwater Place features our usual Tab and Slot construction as well as Peel & Stick windows, doors, trim, and rolled roofing. The front porch displays fine laser-cut railings and balusters with see-through latticework beneath the scribed wood deck. There is also an add-on kitchen in the rear, white metal chimneys, and a couple of laser-cut window fans for added detail. The finished structure measures 3" long x 5" wide x 4.25" high.  MSRP $42.95

The Pennsylvania Railroad was the largest railroad by traffic and revenue volumes in the US throughout its 20th-century existence and, at its peak, controlled some 10,000 miles of rail line. As such, the Pennsy became known as the “Standard Railroad of the World” not only for the standard to which all other railroads could aspire, but standard in its equipment and structure designs as well. Several of our newest HO scale structure kit releases are based on these PRR standard prototypes that not only are a must for every Pennsy fan’s layout, but will look right at home on any model railroad dating from the early 1900s through the 1960s.

   HO Kit #185 MO Tower

MO Tower is based on the structure built at Cresson, Pennsylvania in 1899 where it stood on the mainline between Pittsburgh and Altoona at milepost marker 250.5. Our rendering of this famous facility specifically portrays the interlocking tower as it appeared from the 1940’s until just prior to its closing in 1994. Despite efforts to save the real MO Tower for historical preservation, the building collapsed while moving it off railroad property and was sadly demolished on December 7, 1998. The basic design of MO Tower was also built in many sizes and variations at locations all along the PRR right of way. Other examples of towers following this basic arrangement included: Mantua Junction, Hestonville, Ship Road, Caln, Dillersville Junction, Steelton, Port Royal, Ardenheim, Gallitzin, Portage, Johnstown, and Metuchen.  

The LASERKIT MO Tower has been meticulously recreated in HO scale using the original 1899 PRR plans as well as photographs and sketches supplied to us by a number of Pennsy enthusiasts. Kit #185 also has a number of new engineering concepts and model building features incorporated into it in an effort to maintain our reputation for enjoyable and easy to build craftsman style kits, yet provide the modeler with an accurately detailed structure they will be proud to display on their layout. This kit presented several design engineering problems, the first of which is the free-standing stairs with their “lacy” hand rails and overall appearance. Stair towers can be a real pain sometimes to assemble causing the modeler much frustration. Therefore, we have developed our Bild-Strate method of construction, just for such situations. The “footer” components are tabbed into their stock sheet, and left there until the stairs, risers, and stair tower are completed. This assures that, with reasonable care, the modeler doesn’t have to use miniature squares, jigs, or have to glue the parts together on wax paper spread over printed templates. This Bild-Strate design positions all of the pieces in such a manner that they literally align themselves during construction leaving little room for modeler error. Another challenge, the second floor with its abundance of tall and wide windows, required a new method of producing peel & stick sashes that would be uncomplicated to build, but still maintain the delicate look of the prototype. So, our second story “window walls” are layered together before they are joined to the first floor, allowing the modeler to bench build the walls, install the sashes and glazing, then place the assembled walls together on top of the first floor structure.  

Furthermore, all of the prototype’s gingerbread style trim, decorative rafter ends and second floor corbels are delicately modeled and give the HO scale rendering that authentic Pennsy appearance. The kit also has “knock-outs” on the first floor, so that our soon to be released Interlocking Components may be retrofitted to the existing structure. Finally, we have designed and produced a new resin casting for the two-story plus height chimney. For several years, we have been listening to the PRR modelers, both at shows and through emails and discussion groups. Our decision to produce this kit was based upon the PRR modeler’s expressed need for a high quality, scale correct tower kit appropriate for the popular modeled steam to diesel transition era through the reign of Conrail. We feel that this kit fulfills that request. Assembled Tower with stairs measures 5” long x 3” wide x 4.5” high.   MSRP...$112.95

The following two offerings are referred to as Watch Boxes, which were structures placed at grade crossings where no automatic crossing gate existed. The railroad watch box was nothing more than a simple shelter for the railroad employee who watched for oncoming trains and halted any road traffic approaching the crossing. While small in size, these particular watch boxes still maintained a sense of PRR styling just the same, which we have captured in our HO scale renderings:   

  Kit #186 1911 Standard Watch Box
The revised 1911 design features a board and batten construction and includes Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, rolled roofing, exposed rafter tails, white metal smoke jack, and accurate end brackets. Two (2) complete Watch Boxes per kit! Built-up, the HO scale Watch Box measures 1 “Long x 0.75” Wide x 1.5” High.  MSRP $24.95

 Kit #187 1879 Standard Watch Box
The original 1879 design features vertical siding and includes Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, rolled roofing, exposed rafter tails, white metal smoke jack, and accurate side and end brackets. Two (2) complete Watch Boxes per kit! Assembled, this HO scale Watch Box measures 1 “Long x 0.75” Wide x 1.5” High.  MSRP $23.95

  HO Kit #188 Northern Pacific Class C Depot

Over the years Northern Pacific used several different series of standard plans for various types of depots. Most of the plans were of combination depots containing passenger and freight facilities. Each series had several different sizes of depots and included both one-story and two-story structures. In the years 1889 through 1899, Chief Engineer J. W. Kendrick directed the preparation of a group of plans referred to as the S-26 drawing series. The series included plans for three different lengths of one-story depots with each length having two versions. One version had a low platform and the other had a high platform. The longest one story frame combination depot in the S-26 series was 75 feet 8 inches long by 24 feet deep. The low platform variant was called the Class A depot, as already represented in HO scale by our laser-cut kit #149. The smallest version with low platform, the Class C Combination Depot and the subject of this new kit release, was 55 feet long by 24 feet deep. The Class C prototype basically saw the elimination of the waiting room found on the larger class as well as utilized a smaller operator’s bay with several changes in door and window positions too.

Our HO scale rendering of the Class C Combination Depot features 100% laser-cut parts including Tab & Slotted wall and roof components, Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, authentic roof and gable brackets, interior floor with wall partitions, white metal chimney, Peel & Stick 3-tab style shingles, and color signage. The assembled structure measures 7.75” Long x 3.75” Wide x 3” High. MSRP...$79.95

Kit #189 Garner's Market
While chain food retailers such as Kroger, the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), Piggly Wiggly, and American Stores had a strong foothold in many regions of the United States by the early 1920s, the old mom and pop grocers were still plentiful serving both small and large communities alike. Originally, these grocers sold what was referred to as “dry goods”, which were made up of canned foods and other non-perishable staples, with meat and produce sold by separate venders. However, this began to change by the early 1940s as food merchants consolidated vendors so all products could be sold under one roof for the sake of convenience. Some of the first grocers to implement these early “supermarkets” were the mom and pop stores as represented by our Garner’s Market kit.

Started in 1918 by the Garner brothers of St. Louis, Missouri, the two-story frame structure lasted as a grocery store until the late 1950s when the big chain retailers finally did in the family run business. Inside, during its heyday, shoppers found a butcher to custom cut their meats, delicious breads and cakes in the bakery, and a full selection of fresh fruits and vegetables along with the usual dry goods. This is all reflected in our kit too with its many colorful advertising signs, large billboard, and produce crates positioned right out in front on the sidewalk inviting the residents of your HO scale community to take a look inside.

Kit #189 features 100% laser-cut components, Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction, a detailed external stairway to the second floor, interior floors and wall partitions, a free standing billboard that may be positioned on the roof as shown or beside the building, laser-scribed and cut sidewalk, numerous resin and white metal detail parts, printed window shades, laser-cut curtains, and laser-cut window awnings. Assembled structure (without sidewalk) measures 7.25 “ long x 3.75” wide x 3.25” high. MSRP $62.95

  HO Kit #190 Farm Silo with Shed

Kit number 190 is our interpretation of the classic Stave Silo, variations of which are still seen doted across the breadbasket of America. Our easy to construct silo is based on a typical 50 foot high x 20 foot diameter vertical structure. The Stave silo was constructed using wood or concrete planks that were then tightly banded together to form a ring. To increase the strength toward the bottom of a silo, bands were installed at greater frequency. The typical use of this type of silo is not for the storage of harvested grain, but for the creation of feed called silage. Silage is made from grass crops, including corn or other cereals, using the entire green plant (not just the grain). The plant is then shredded and blown into the silo through the fill tube on the side. Once loaded, the top is covered in plastic and is allowed to ferment. The farmer would then unload the silage through the large unloading chute on the side and feed it to cud-chewing animals like cattle and sheep during the winter. The unloading chute typically discharged into a small house at the bottom, as on our kit, or directly into the barn.

The Farm Silo with Shed kit features 100% laser-cut wood components for a perfect fit plusTabbed & Slotted construction with Peel & Stick windows, doors, trim, roofing material, and support bands for ease of assembly. Detail parts include cast resin dome and unloading chute as well as plastic filler tube, laser-cut access ladder, white metal band clamps, and laser-etched “cracked” glazing offering the Shed an aged look. The Silo may be finished as either a wood or concrete structure and with or without shed. When assembled, the Silo with Shed measure 4 inches long x 3 inches wide x 8.5 inches high and compliments our very popular #178 Midwest Farm Combo or #119 Country Barn kits. MSRP...$54.95

Kit No. 191 Cullen Handcar Shed

Complimenting our Cullen Station Kit (No. 181) is this replica of a standard design Virginian two-bay Handcar/Maintenance Shed. The board and batten structure exhibits the usual array of AMB’s laser-cut kit features plus positionable doors with hardware and a dual track setoff. Measures 3.125” long x 1.75” wide x 2” high. MSRP...$18.95

Kit No. 192 L&N Tool Sheds (2 Kits)

Based on information supplied by the L&N Railroad Historical Society, these standard tool houses were used for storing handcars, tools, and supplies required for the construction and maintenance of the track and roadbed on the railroad. To a lesser extent they could also provide short-term shelter for track crews during inclement weather or used as the section foreman’s workshop. Generally, these small structures were located along the mainline, at sidings, and in yards at intervals of 3 to 10 miles apart, according to how ever a particular railroad sectioned off its trackage - so hundreds of these little sheds were utilized. This set of two Tool Shed kits features 100% laser-cut parts with board and batten wall siding, rolled roofing, exposed rafter tails, positionable track side doors, interior flooring, hinge and hasp with lock details, and code 70 rail for the handcar setoff. Each finished shed measures 1.75” wide x 2.25” deep x 1.5” high. MSRP...$24.95

Kit No. 193 The Country Grain Elevator

In 1991, American Model Builders, Inc. released its first laser-cut structure kit, the HO scale Country Grain Elevator. Made entirely of precision scribed and cut plastic components, the kit won high praise from model railroaders for both its esthetic appeal and ease of assembly. Absent from our catalog for the past decade, The Country Grain Elevator now returns to the product line as a revised kit, re-engineered for even easier assembly and made of wood for a more realistic appearance. In addition, this exciting new kit features the famous colorful “Faultless Feed” signage that graced our original display model, which was envied by thousands of modelers when it appeared on the cover of the January 1996 issue of Railmodel Journal. Click on photo above for more information! MSRP...$84.95

HO Scale Kit No. 194 Boron Station

Boron Station is based on structures once standing at mile post 784.0 on the Santa Fe’s Valley Division. The 14’ x 24’ frame passenger depot had been constructed in 1896 as the Kramer, CA facility, but moved to Boron, CA in 1941in order to handle the large volume of borax shipping from the area during World War II. A separate 12’ x 17’ frame baggage room, built in 1900, was also moved to Boron from Kramer. The depot was closed in 1982, the last operating agency between Barstow and Mojave, and in 1987 was moved to the nearby Twenty Mule Team Museum, where it currently remains on display. The baggage room, however, was left behind and continued to serve as a maintenance-of-way shed through the Burlington Northern - Santa Fe merger.

Our new laser-cut Santa Fe depot and baggage room feature prototypical board and batten architecture; tab and slot construction; peel and stick windows, door, trim, and shake style shingles ; accurate bay window configuration; metal smoke jacks; cast resin swamp cooler (air conditioner); and full color signage. Assembled depot measures 4” long x 2.5” wide (with swamp cooler installed) x 2” tall while baggage room measures 2.625” long x 2” wide x 1.75” tall. MSRP...$52.95

 Kit No. 701 General Service Building
A terminal storeroom, a freight depot and office warehouse, a small railroad station, a trucking company office/dock, etc.....You choose! The super-detailed loading dock is a unique and interesting addition! 8” Long x 4” Wide x 3.5” High. -

 Kit No. 702 Interlocking Tower
This kit is designed after the interlocking towers and yard lead-ins typically found in small yards across the country. The laser-cut basswood and thin veneer plywood components are incredibly detailed. The stairway and unique hip-roof construction are especially impressive. 2.25” Long x 1.75” Wide x 4” High. -

 Kit No. 704 Transfer Building
Boilerworks, warehouse, or whatever your layout needs. This kit features over 350.....that’s right, 350 easy-to-assemble, perfectly fitting, notched, interlocking Laser-Cut parts. When your Kit 704 is complete, it will certainly be the focal point of any layout! 11.75” Long x 8.75” Wide x 5.5” High. -

 Kit No. 705 Sonny’s Shack
Laser-Cut peel & stick “Tarpaper” over Laser-cut wood walls and roof, this kit needs no painting.....unless you insist. Additional peel & stick batten strips, extra glazing which is “Laser-Cracked”, and professional modeling tips let you complete this kit as a neat and spiffy out building, or a used and abused, ready-to-be torn down shack. A really fun kit to build and display. 4.5” Long x 2.5” Wide x 1.75” Long -

 Kit No. 706 Elevated Warehouse
Trackside, In-Town, or Out-On-The-Farm, this elevated building fits the bill for multiple uses on your layout. Makes for a great companion structure to the Country Grain Elevator, Kit No. 193. 100% Laser-cut wood scribed siding, complete with AMB cast “brick” chimney and piers, and laser-cut ladder and dock. Includes full color signage. A great building at a great price. 4.75” Long x 2.5” Wide x 2.5” High -

 Kit No. 707 Santa Fe Style One Story Depot
lapboard siding, unique, Santa Fe style bay window, notched, tabbed, and interlocking, Laser-Cut walls and roof, peel & stick belt-rail, windows, doors, and roofing material. An awesome kit for any modeler.....Santa Fe fanatic or not! 8.75” Long x 3.25” Wide x 2.75” High. - MSRP...$62.95

 Kit No. 708 One Bay Engine House
Trackside, or in your local town. Based on an Illinois Terminal design, this kit features board and batten siding, rolled roofing, extra-long AMB cast white metal chimney and our usual precisely cut and fitted parts. A simple and fun structure to build with a dozen different uses! 9” Long x 5” Wide x 4” High - MSRP...$59.95

 Kit No. 709 Boston & Maine Yard Office
Based on a Boston & Maine design, this easy-to-construct building could serve as an interlocking tower, small hotel, mercantile, school house, or yes.....a yard office. Features include clapboard siding, rolled roofing with peel & stick backing, and an incredibly beautiful set of Laser-Cut stairs. 2.5” Long x 1.75” Wide x 3” High. -

 Kit No. 710 Long Bell Skid Shack (Includes 3 Shacks)
True to the Long-Bell Lumber Company prototype, but could also be used as part of a mining camp, farm workers’ complex or even, without the skids, tourist cabins. 100% Laser-Cut parts, peel & stick doors & windows, AMB cast metal smokejack, and three skids underneath, making them easily portable. Each shack 2.5” Long x 1.75” Wide x 1.5” High. - MSRP...$29.95/3

 Kit No. 711 Feeder Barn
Round up the cattle, the sheep or the’s feeding time on the farm. Based on a style seen coast to coast, this tidy Laser-Cut livestock or milking barn features scribed siding, peel & stick windows and doors, and a tin style roof with peel & stick backing. It’s a quick and easy kit for beginner or expert. 7” Long x 4.75” Wide x 3.5” High. -

 Kit No. 713 Railroad Rooming House
Trackside or in your “layout town”, this wonderful two story building has space for railroad employee rooming, offices, even a beanery. And it’s narrow enough to fit between the tracks !!! 100% Laser-Cut, features include clapboard siding with pre-cut window & door openings, tabbed and slotted walls and roof parts, layered Peel & Stick windows and doors, a uniquely engineered balcony and outside staircase, plus two AMB cast metal “brick” chimneys and six smokejacks. This kit is quick and fun to build and a great addition to any layout. 11.5” Long x 2” Wide x 3” High. -

 Kit No. 714 - Polar Bear Café
Little mom & pop eateries such as the Polar Bear Cafe once dotted the US throughout the middle Twentieth Century. The 100% laser-cut structure kit also features metal style roofing with diamond shingle cap, cast resin polar bear statue, intricate rear lattice privacy wall, metal detail parts, and color signage. Measures 4" L x 4" W x 3" H. - MSRP...RETIRED

 Kit No. 715 - A. C. Brown Manufacturing Company
A wonderful factory for your HO scale layout. 100% laser-cut wood with pre-cut window and door openings, layered, peel & stick window and door assembly, covered loading dock, outside staircase, and a roof with laser-cut watertank, skylights, access hatch with door, smokejacks and chimneys.12” Long x 6.25” deep x 5.25” high. - MSRP...$129.95

 Kit No. 716 - Glenwood No. 2 Oil Derrick
Designed to go with Walthers HO scale working oil pump kit (not included). 100% laser-cut wood with platform, out-buildings, and ladder. Easy tab/slot and Peel & Stick construction. Measures 9"L x 4.5"W x 15.5"H. - MSRP...$99.95

   Kit No. 717 - Box Car Depot Set
As car builders turned to steel for the construction of freight equipment in the early 1900's, railroads found themselves with a surplus of older wooden cars. One option was to utilize retired boxcars as storage facilities and small depots either as temporary or permanent structures. Our kit represents the depot conversion with waiting room, office, and freight room. Also included is a boxcar to be used as a freight house or storage shed. Both structures feature laser scribed siding, tab & slot construction, Peel & Stick windows/doors and white metal smoke jack. Each measures 5"L x 1.25"W x 1.5"H.. - MSRP...$39.95

Kit No. 718 Grand Avenue Tower

This Lineside Structure kit was inspired by an article written by Jim Findley in the January 1969 issue of Model Railroader entitled “Signal Tower for Minimum Space.” In the article, Jim noted that the overall design of his signal tower was, “predicated on a compromise in three requirements: the appearance of a fairly complex-appearing structure; construction that would not require an inordinate amount of time to complete; and the requirement that it fit into the almost prohibitively small area that was available.” Well, our kit designers and lasers have taken care of the first two prerequisites; all the modeler needs to do is have the tight space available in which to fit this tower!

While so familiar in appearance to the many small, wooden interlocking and signal towers found throughout the United States, this freelanced elevated building exhibits the complexity Jim was looking for in a small space: two-flight wooden staircase, multiple windows with positionable sashes, resin cast storage bin and smokejack, moveable interlocking levers inside with external vertical linkages, and a removable roof – all in a foot print size of 5.5 inches long by only 1 inch wide. Perfectly sized for placement between parallel tracks in a yard or along a siding, the 3.75 inch tall tower features 100% laser-scribed and cut materials with our usual Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction. Furthermore, it features a convenient assembly jig for keeping the intricate stairway and elevated cabin perfectly aligned and safe until installation on the layout. MSRP...$47.95

   Kit No. 719 - F. Bruckner Woodworking 
In the era before mass production, small woodworking shops such as this one could be found in any small town. Cabinetry, stairs, wagons and any other items that required a true craftsman's skills could be purchased here. Our 100% laser-cut kit of Franz Bruckner's shop, a Hungarian woodworker who brought his trade with him to the Midwest in the late 1800s, features an exterior stair case, office entry, and lean-to, wood boardwalk, and multiple carriage doors. We have even added a ladder to access the main roof. The kit also includes tab and slot construction, Peel & Stick windows, doors, and trim, rolled roofing, white metal chimney, and full color signage. Measures 7" L x 4.25" W x 3" H.

 Kit No. 720 - Wood Water Supply Tank with Pump House
This 40 foot tall tank can be used for supplying water to a small town or business. Kit consists of laser-cut tower, tank, platform, ladder, and separate pump house. White metal column footers and plastic tubing are also included. Tank measures 2.5"L x 2"W x 6"H and house measures 1.75"L x 1'W x 1.5"H. MSRP...$34.95

   Kit No. 721 - Mittco-Hornkohl Manufacturing Company 
To this day the fabrication of specialty metal goods is a common industrial practice. A machine shop and foundry such as the Mittco building might be found anywhere from coast to coast manufacturing valves, pipe fittings, fixtures, up to and including entire machines. Our new factory features a large metal style roof, twin smoke stacks with ornamental bracket displaying the company initials and guy wire supports, and full color signage. The multi-shaped structure utilizes our proven tab and slot as well as Peel & Stick construction. Measures 10.25" L x 5.25" W x 2.75" .. -

  Kit #722 Miner's Cabins

One of the kits that started it all for LASERKIT, the Miner’s Cabin, is available again now in a cost savings combo three pack. When first released back in 1993, this kit introduced our well received Lineside Structure Series, which is a series of multi-purpose, general service buildings designed to fit a variety of structural needs on any layout. All Lineside Structures are laser-cut for exquisite detail and include easy to assemble features such as Peel & Stick and Tab & Slot parts. This updated and enhanced kit represents a small house or shanty that has a variety of uses to the HO scale model railroader. It can be used as a switchman’s or carman’s shack, a miner’s cabin high up on a mountainside, a small company built home in your company town, or even as an office for a construction site or lumber yard. Each laser-cut cabin features an optional shed addition plus the modeler can mix or match side walls to vary window placement of each building. An interior floor, rolled roofing, clear window glazing, and white metal smokejack round out this utilitarian structure. Each cabin measures 2.75” long x 1.5” wide x 1.75” high with shed addition.

  Kit #723 All-American Service Station

It wasn’t until Henry Ford introduced the first automobile that the middle class family could afford, the Model T, that the need for a refueling or filling station began to rise. The US’s very first purpose-built gas station appeared in 1905 along Theresa Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri and from that time forward through the 1950s, the service station industry flourished as more and more Americans fell in love with the automobile. Today, the roadside gas station has become synonymous in the US’s historical pop culture with the likes of the ’57 Chevy and Route 66 achieving a level of immortality for post World War Two generations despite their rapid disappearance from our street corners in more recent years. In an effort to honor these now iconic institutions, American Model Builders is proud to announce our latest addition to the HO scale lineup: the All-American Service Station, which includes both the office and service garage. Based on a facility located in Harlingen, Texas in the late 1930s, our structure kit exemplifies a standard cottage style architectural design found throughout the US and Canada. With the entire complex measuring 5.5” long x 6” wide x 2.25” high , the 100% laser-cut buildings features our Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction with scribed siding, simulated metal roofing on the office and rolled roofing on the garage, interior floors, and intricate, lattice fencing connecting the two buildings. Detail parts consist of white metal pumps displaying pump handles and hoses, cast resin oil can rack, coin operated soda chest, and elevated oil tank, and laser-cut island with 2.25” tall stylized station sign. Full color signs for four different brands of gasoline companies as well as other assorted printed gas station paraphernalia are included too.

Kit #724 Velvet Freeze Grill
By the late 1940’s, America’s love affair with the automobile was well underway and traveling by car became an increasingly popular recreational pursuit throughout the decades that followed. As more and more motorists took to American highways, roadside eateries began to appear. These establishments ranged in style from the modern, anemic full service diners to the more distinctive hand-built roadside stands of Route 66 lore. One of the nation’s favorite foods, ice cream was perfect for adaptation to this fast food environment. A popular perennial treat at amusement parks and resorts in the early twentieth century, it was a logical choice for roadside sale. The ice cream cone, developed in the late 1890s, allowed this cold delicacy to be quickly served and eaten while on the road.

The structures created for use as these roadside ice cream stands varied from simple, one-of-kind buildings housing mom and pop operations to more sophisticated architectural designs that grew into the commercial food chain companies. However, both types of stands had a number of common characteristics including: the businesses’ close proximity to the road for maximum visibility and accessibility to passing motorists, ample parking immediately adjacent to the buildings, prominently placed service windows, colorful paint schemes, and eye-catching signage.

All of these attributes are quite apparent in our Velvet Freeze Grill kit, which represents a typical mom and pop ice cream stand of the 1950s and 1960s. Successful in serving ice cream to hot and hungry travelers along the highway, they have expanded their menu to include America’s other growing fast food favorite - burgers and fires. From its rooftop billboard signage, to its icicle style soffit trim, and giant roadside ice cream cone statue, the Velvet Freeze Grill will easily draw in the crowds along your HO scale roadways. Features of the kit include: 100% laser-cut structure components, Peel & stick window and door assembly, metal style roofing with hexagonal shingle cap, cast resin ice cream cone statue, air conditioning unit, and trash cans, laser-cut picnic tables, intricate icicle soffit trim, and full color signage. Assembled structure measures 4” Long x 4” Wide x 3” High. MSRP $44.95

Kit No. 725 The Pickle Works: G. R. Dill & Sons Salting Station

The inspiration for our latest laser-cut creation comes from Paul Larson’s “Pickle Works” article in the January 1955 issue of Model Railroader and David Leider’s “Building a Pickle Salting Station” article in the March 2009 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman along with numerous prototype photos and personal recollections of individuals who labored at these salting stations.

A great small industry to add to your layout, our new kit conveys the early appearance of these salting stations with its 100% laser-cut real wood construction right down to the 20 brine vats, which display individual wood planks and banding. Made from quality birch plywood and basswood, the modeler will easily be able to obtain that stained weathered look of the prototype facilities. Furthermore, the modular design of the kit, which includes the open platform with vats and freight car loading point, elevated shed with covered deck, and the annex platform with roof, affords the modeler relative ease in placement of the structures on their layout even on curved sidings. Click on photo above for additional information and photos! MSRP...$134.95

Kit No. 726 Implement Barn and Corral

Kit No. 726 marks the seventh release in our series of agricultural buildings for the HO scale market. The purpose of the Implement Barn was to store farming vehicles and equipment as well as the other supplies necessary for operating a small to medium size farm. Our structure, which is based on a compilation of several small barns found in the Midwest, is now starting to show its age having been erected when the fields were still plowed and harvested by a team of draft horses; the connected corral once serving as their home. Now the barn is the gathering place for John Deere, Massey Harris, McCormick Deering, and the like and the pen next door is home to the horses the current family uses for recreational riding. Weather beaten and full of character, the old barn, with its covered bay, displays the scars of use. Wood planked patches have been made to her board by board siding, broken panes of glass are visible in her windows, and extra doors and hatches have been cut into her walls whenever the farmer found the necessity for a new entry way. Click on photo above for additional information and photos! MSRP...$55.95

Kit No. 727 Wood Truss Auto Bridge

Another addition to the Lineside Structure series, Kit No. 727 represents an old fashioned wood truss bridge - similar to those first built in the days of the horse and buggy, but survived well into the 20th century with their adaptation to pedestrian and single lane auto traffic. Designed for crossing just about any land or water feature on your layout, the HO scale bridge features: 100% laser-cut basswood parts with custom laser-scribed plywood decking, safety railing and truss rod detail complete with turnbuckles, end support trestle bents, wood retaining walls, sign posts, and full color highway signage. Assembled bridge measures 9.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches high with support bents measuring 0.75 inches high. Installation of retaining walls to fit specific layout location will require additional space. MSRP...$38.95

Kit No. 728 McCready's LTD "Pickle Packers and Condiments"

The inspiration for our latest laser-cut kit comes from the former McCready’s Limited of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Established in 1883, the company originally packaged pickle products along with the production of vinegar. The small firm later diversified its line with a number of bottled table sauces and fruit syrups sold at grocers across Canada. Although no longer standing, the original wood frame structure with its outdoor vats continued to employ area residents into the 1960s. Used in conjunction with our G.R. Dill & Sons Salting Station Kit No. 725, the modeler can recreate a point-to-point industry for which their model railroad can serve. Similar pickle manufacturing operations could be found throughout the United States from the late 1800s through the early 1970s. Click on photo above for more information! MSRP...$139.95

Kit No. 729 United Farmers Co-op

The United Farmers Co-op is based on a long business tradition in the United States that dates back to the mid 1800s. Members of rural communities would pool their resources and form agricultural cooperatives where the cost of supplies, storage, and the transportation of the harvest could be shared. Eventually these co-ops would grow to include energy resources, financial services, and commodity brokering to its members, which appeared as a family of businesses under the Co-op brand name in many small towns across the country. Today, there are still some 3,000 farmer cooperatives in the US serving an estimated two million farmers and ranchers along with their families.

Although not based on any specific prototype, our laser-cut wood kit reflects the spirit of these farmer co-ops, so prevalent in the hundreds of small towns dotting the breadbasket region of the country. A great companion piece to our Kit No. 193 Country Elevator, this structure is right at home trackside providing a warehouse for supplies received by rail as well as offering a truck loading dock, store front, gas pump, and an attached repair shed, where tractor and implement repairs and welding services could be procured. Topped off with colorful billboard signage, the Farmers Co-op features AMB’s usual tab and slot wall construction; peel and stick windows/doors/trim; rafter tails; dock height floor; laser-cut tarpaper, battens, and roofing materials; and an assortment of custom white metal and cast resin detail parts. The assembled model measures 7” long x 4.5” wide (including trackside dock) x 4” high over signboard. MSRP...$66.95

Kit No. 730 Dairy Transfer Stands

At one time, the “milk train” was an important member of the food chain supplying those folks living in large cities with milk, butter, and cheese from the outlying farming communities. Before World War II and the prevalence of electricity in rural areas, farmers would need to make daily runs to the nearby railroad station in order to transport their fresh milk, which was carried in cans, to the creameries in the big urban areas for processing. Often, a group of farmers far removed from a township would setup collection points, whereby the milk cans would be gathered and taken to a dairy depot of sorts. From here, wagons would be loaded up with the large group of milk cans and taken to the train station, where they would be unloaded on one if its trackside platforms.

Upon the milk trains arrival at the station, railroad crews would first unload the previous day’s empty milk cans to be returned to the farmers and then take on the filled cans. Depending on the length of the train ride, iced reefer cars were often employed to handle the milk loads to the city. After electrically powered refrigeration became a possibility for the local farmer, it was not as time sensitive of a commodity any longer, and while milk cans were still collected locally, transportation to the dairy by truck on a slower schedule would take the place of these daily milk trains by the early 1950s.

Our new Dairy Transfer Stand kit is based on these rural milk can collection points and includes two platforms. The smaller platform represents an individual farm’s milk can stand that may have been situated on its acreage nearest the county road. From here, the milk cans would be picked up by a cooperative that would collect the milk cans from other area farmers and haul them by wagon to a main dairy hub, often controlled by the largest dairy farm in the region. This latter facility is represented by the second larger platform with office in Kit No. 730 and carries the sponsorship and signage of the Behrenwald Farms Dairy, a real Michigan based family owned dairy farm still in operation today.

Precision cut from quality milled basswoods and 3-ply aircraft grade birch plywood, the Dairy Transfer Kit incorporates all the attributes customers are used to enjoying in an American Model Builders LASERkit: tab and slotted wall and roof assembly; peel and stick windows, doors, and trim; simulated metal roofing; both “cracked” and solid office window glazing; platform ladders; full color signage with large cow-shaped rooftop billboard; and an assortment of resin cast parts depicting milk cans, salt sacks, a hand truck, an other details for accessorizing the larger platform/office structure. The finish structures measure 1.375 inch square x 0.5 inch tall and 2.625 inch long x 3.5 inch deep x 2.75 inch high to peek of roof respectively. MSRP...$39.95

Kit No. 731 Storage Shed and Shelter

This new quick-build laser-cut kit release represents a typical residential or industrial storage shed with sheltered area for larger pieces of equipment, such as a car, boat, or tractor. The small building is the perfect companion piece to our two-story home kits, numbers 140 and 184, as well as the Midwest Farm Combo number 178. A variety of resin cast detail parts are included, which feature a tarp-covered tractor and small boat, storage bin, and trash can, along with laser-cut wheelbarrows, boat oars, boat cribbing, and ladder. Color signage is also included for finishing off this layout worthy kit. The finish structure measures 3.5 inches deep x 2.625 inches wide x 2 inches tall over roof ridge. MSRP ...$29.95

Kit No. 732 Sanders Grocery and Supply

Our latest HO scale structure kit is loosely based on an existing building found in an old Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette. We suspect it originally served as some type of small retail business, possibly with an apartment upstairs, as the article’s photos did show a stairway. It could easily serve as the local barber shop, bakery, hardware store, café or even a small home on your layout as well.

The kit is precision cut from quality milled basswoods and 3-ply aircraft grade birch plywood and incorporates all the attributes customers are used to enjoying in an American Model Builders LASERkit: tab and slotted wall and roof assembly; peel and stick windows, doors, and trim; rolled roofing; crystal clear window glazing; foundation with first and second story floors; full color signage for a variety of businesses; resin cast soda machine and cask for detailing the wood decked porch, and white metal chimney. The finish structure measures 4.75 inches deep x 2.5 inches wide x 3.375 inches tall over the false front. MSRP ...$38.95

LASERKIT® XPRESS Kits - Quick and Easy assembly - Perfect for Beginners! Kits #790 - #800

 Kit No. 790 Branchline Depot
Dimensions (including platform) are 3" long x 2.5" wide x 2" high.

 Kit No. 791 Crossroads Church
Great for beginners! Totally precision laser-cut, traditional small church design, and pre-colored, Peel & Stick roofing paper. Measures 4"L x 2" W x 3.5"H. 
MSRP ...$19.95

 Kit No. 792 Gandy Dancer's Shack
Includes track set-off. Dimensions are 3.5" long x 1.5" wide x 1.5" high.

  Kit No. 793 McCormac's Dry Goods
The latest release in the LASERkit Xpress line of inexpensive and easy to build kits. The Dry Goods shop is a false front building reminiscent of those built throughout the US in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It features a store front window, wood boardwalk, color sign, white metal smokejack, Peel & Stick window and doors, and rolled roofing. The finished structure measures 5"L x 2.5"W x 3"H. 
MSRP ...$21.50

Kit No. 794 Loft Barn
Dimensions are 3" long x 2.5" wide x 3.25 " high.

Kit No. 795 Grand Avenue Yard Office
The latest addition to our LASERKIT Xpress Series, the affordably priced Grand Avenue Yard Office is designed for quick and easy assembly so even a novice can complete this structure in an evening. Typical of the small support buildings found in rail yards throughout North America, Kit No. 795 features 100% laser-cut components for a perfect fit plus Tabbed & Slotted construction with Peel & Stick windows, doors, trim, and roofing material for fast assembly. While priced for the modeler on a budget, the Yard Office includes some great details too: resin cast parts, such as tie stacks, wood crate, trash barrel, window air conditioning unit, and smokejack, plus our exclusive laser-cut venetion blinds for both entry door and windows, and full custom printed color signage. When assembled, the Yard Office measures 3.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 2 inches high including roof overhang and wall mounted smokejack.

 Kit No. 796 One Car Garage/Shed
Next to or behind any of our houses, mercantiles or stores, this is a great little one car garage. Features include laser-cut double doors which can be modeled opened or closed, laser-cut rolled roofing, even laser-cut door hinges. Makes a great work shed or machine shop, too. Quick and fun to build. 2” wide x 2.5” deep x 1.74” high. MSRP...$13.95

 Kit No. 797 Gas Station With Pumps
A great little gas station for any town or country road or corner on your layout. 100% Laser-cut wood with peel & stick windows and doors. Includes cast white metal pumps and base. 2.25” wide x 1.25” deep x 2.25” high. MSRP...$19.95

  Kit No. 798 Company House
Lined up in a row behind the mill or coal company, or as a moutainside cabin, this is a great easy-to-build little house. 100% laser-cut wood with peel & stick windows and doors and laser-cut rolled roofing. 2.75” wide x 2.5” deep x 2” high. MSRP...$14.95

 Kit No. 799 False Front Store
Great as a tailor shop, barber or beauty shop, or assay office in your layout town. Laser-scribed front decking, peel & stick windows and doors and a cast white metal smokejack complete this quickie kit. 1.5” wide x 2.5” deep x 2” high. MSRP...$16.95

  Kit #800 Xpress Sampler Set

This sampler set serves as a great introduction to the LASERKIT method of building craftsman style wood structure kits! Featuring seven of our best selling HO scale Xpress buildings at a cost savings, Kit #800 is perfect for both the beginner and experienced model railroader looking for a variety of compact sized structures that will fit on any size layout. All seven structures feature 100% laser-cut materials with Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction. Included are the Branchline Station (3” long x 2.25” wide x 2” high) with wood deck platform and white metal smokejack; Crossroads Church (4” long x 2” wide x 3.5” high) with ornate windows, steeple, and wood cross; Loft Barn (3.25” long x 2.5” wide x 3” high) with positionable doors and simulated metal roofing; One Car Garage (2.5” long x 2” wide x 1.75” high) with opening doors and rolled roofing; Gas Station (2.25” long x 1.25” wide x 2.25” high) with white metal gas pumps and island; Company House (2.75” long x 2.5” wide x 2” high) with simulated metal roofing and white metal chimney; and False Front Store (2.5” long x 1.5” wide x 2” high) with white metal smokejack and color signage for several businesses.

 Kit No. 801 - Santa Fe No. 3 Standard One Story Depot
An incredibly detailed kit.....features unique Santa Fe style bay window ( our stand alone engineering and design), clapboard siding above the belt-rail, drop siding below, Laser-Cut, diamond shaped Santa Fe style shingle strips with scale one inch flats, a complete set of highly detailed doors, windows and eave brackets, and a Santa Fe style cast white metal chimney. This kit has to be seen to be believed! 8.75” Long x 4.125” Wide x 3.25” Wide.

 Kit No. 802 - Santa Fe No. 1 Standard One Story Depot
This Santa Fe structure features all of the precision engineering and ease of assembly you have come to expect from a LASERKIT. Based on the 1910 standards, the kit includes "six over nine" double hung windows, 1910 style end wall eave brackets, rafter lookouts with 3" horizontal flats which are tab and slotted to the underside of the roof, front wall door placement, Diamond shingles, and ATSF style white metal chimney. Measures 5 1/2"L x 2 1/4"W x 2 1/2"H. MSRP...$59.95

 Kit No. 803 Dolores Depot
The second kit in our American Narrow Gauge Classics Series. The original depot was built in the town of Dolores, Colorado by the Rio Grande Southern in 1900. Our kit features peel and stick window and door construction as well as laser-cut shake shingles. 9.25"H x 3.5"W x 3.75"H. MSRP...$134.95

 Kit No. 804 Depot at Strong
Originally located in the western hill and lake country of Maine on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Narrow Gauge Railroad. This is the first of a new LASERkit series celebrating America's Narrow Gauge Railroads. Dimensions are 6" long x 3" wide x 5" high.  MSRP...$69.95

 Kit No. 805 Santa Fe No. 5 Standard One Story Depot
Similar to our highly acclaimed Santa Fe depot kit #801, the No. 5 features an extended length freight room creating a depot over 15" long! The kit features 1906/1910 style windows and doors, 1895 style brackets, our famous "stand alone" bay window, clapboard siding above the belt rail with drop siding below, ATSF style diamond shingles with scale 1" flats and a cast white metal Santa Fe style chimney. Measures 15.5"L x 4.125"W x 3.25"H.

 Kit No. 806 Santa Fe Branchline Station combo
Now you can create the perfect Santa Fe branchline station scene with our latest cost savings combo kit. The structure set includes our Santa Fe No. 3 Standard One Story Combination Depot, our new Santa Fe Standard Freight Dock, a Santa Fe Standard Double Stall Yard Closet, a Santa Fe Standard Section Tool House, and a Santa Fe Standard Signal Maintainer’s House. All five kits feature 100% laser-cut parts and our proven Peel & Stick and Tab & Slot technology for ease of construction. Assembled, the depot measures 8.75” L x 4.125” W x 3.25” H, the outhouse is 1.125” L x 0.625” W x 1.25” H, the tool house is 2” L x 1.75” W x 1.75” H, the signal maintainer’s house is 2” L x 1.75” W x 1.75” H, and the freight dock is 6.5” L x 4.75” W x 0.375” H. .   MSRP...$129.95

 Kit No. 809 Santa Fe Standard Freight Dock
Requested by numerous modelers over the years as a companion structure to our Santa Fe No. 3 Combination Depot kits #707 and #801, the Santa Fe Standard Freight Dock completes the Santa Fe branchline station scene. Based on ATSF standards, this kit is comprised totally of laser-cut basswood and micro-thin 3-ply plywood. It features Tab & Slot, interlocking “egg-crate” construction for the dock’s underframing and the deck is custom scribed and even includes nail holes. The structure is finished off with laser-cut, Peel & Stick trim. The freight dock measures 6.5” Long x 4.75” Wide x 0.375” High. MSRP...$16.95


 Kit No. 2001 Dabler Mill  (Featured on its own page)
This is the first in a new series of kits for the next millennium providing the HO scale model railroader with the fulfillment of building a highly detailed craftsman kit, but with the ease and enjoyment that our LASERkit line is known for.  

Based upon "The Hinkle Mill", which was featured in an article in the January 1982 issue of RAILROAD MODEL CRAFTSMAN, the prototype for Dabler Mill & Supply Co. is located in Thomasville, North Carolina. Overall "footprint" of this model is approximately 13" X 18", depending upon how the office structure is placed. For more a more detailed description click here.  MSRP...$299.95

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