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Generator Flat Car Load

Designed to fit 50’ or longer N scale flat cars, our latest load features seven cast resin generators, ready for painting, along with easy to assemble laser-cut wood framing and blocking. Assembled load measures 3.25” long x 0.625” wide x 0.4375” high.  

N Scale Kit No. 519 Generator Flat Car Load
MSRP $15.95

Northern Pacific 1200 Series Wood Cupola Caboose

The Northern Pacific Railway first rostered these short, offset cupola wood cabooses beginning in 1907-1908 with the delivery of 100 cars built in its own shops; additional batches would follow in 1909 and 1912-1913. These 24’ crummies would later be known as the 1200 series cars. In 1921, the Pacific Car & Foundry constructed 90 similar wood cabooses for the NP, the 1700 series, with a number of these cars being direct copies of the older series. By late 1946, all the wood cabooses, now exhibiting steel center sills, were being rebuilt to a common floor plan as they were shopped and received major renovations including: straight cupola sides, new end railing, three-step end platforms, and AB type brake gear. This final revision of the 1200 series would see the class through to the end of the 1960s with a number of cars surviving into the Burlington Northern era.

Our new N scale kit represents the 1200 series (and a few 1700 series) cabooses as they appeared after all the various rebuilds. Optional details include both wide and narrow ladder landing arrangements. Kit No. 553 features: 100% laser-cut components with custom laser-scribed Birch plywood side, end walls, and cupola; Tab & Slot carbody construction; Peel & Stick window, door, and trim assembly; laser-cut underframe, end platforms, ladders, end railing, hand grabs, window glazing, and brake wheels; cast resin platform steps and brake gear; plastic smokejack; and fully illustrated instructions that provide information on painting and decaling the assembled model. We recommend the purchase of Micro-Trains No.1015-1 Universal Body Mount Couplers, Atlas No. 22061 Friction Bearing Caboose Trucks, Microscale decal sheet No. 60-184, and paint and glue of your choice for the completion of this kit.

N Scale Kit No. 553 Northern Pacific 1200 Series Wood Cupola Caboose
Available now
MSRP ...$31.95


Window Sets for Atlas Dash 8s

The latest additions to our diesel locomotive replacement window line-up include kits for the Atlas HO scale GE Dash 8-40C (standard cab) and GE Dash 8-40CW (wide cab). Both window sets feature our laser-cut crystal clear and distortion-free acrylic and come pre-masked; so they can be installed before the final finish is applied to the carbody. Each kit includes all the cab window glass as well as the numberboard glazing for both hood ends.  

HO Scale Kit No. 281 Window Set Atlas Dash 8-40C (Standard Cab) MSRP $5.95

HO Scale Kit No. 282 Window Set Atlas Dash 8-40CW (Wide Cab) MSRP $5.95

United Farmers Co-op

The United Farmers Co-op is based on a long business tradition in the United States that dates back to the mid 1800s. Members of rural communities would pool their resources and form agricultural cooperatives where the cost of supplies, storage, and the transportation of the harvest could be shared. Eventually these co-ops would grow to include energy resources, financial services, and commodity brokering to its members, which appeared as a family of businesses under the Co-op brand name in many small towns across the country. Today, there are still some 3,000 farmer cooperatives in the US serving an estimated two million farmers and ranchers along with their families.

Although not based on any specific prototype, our laser-cut wood kit reflects the spirit of these farmer co-ops, so prevalent in the hundreds of small towns dotting the breadbasket region of the country. A great companion piece to our Kit No. 193 Country Elevator, this structure is right at home trackside providing a warehouse for supplies received by rail as well as offering a truck loading dock, store front, gas pump, and an attached repair shed, where tractor and implement repairs and welding services could be procured. Topped off with colorful billboard signage, the Farmers Co-op features AMB’s usual tab and slot wall construction; peel and stick windows/doors/trim; rafter tails; dock height floor; laser-cut tarpaper, battens, and roofing materials; and an assortment of custom white metal and cast resin detail parts. The assembled model measures 7” long x 4.5” wide (including trackside dock) x 4” high over signboard.

HO Scale Kit No. 729 United Farmers Co-op

MSRP ...$66.95

Stationary Steam Engine Load

Our Stationary Steam Engine Load represents the components making up a typical 250 horsepower engine in HO scale. Depending on how it’s finished, the modeler can recreate the delivery of a brand new engine or a rusted relic being hauled away for scrap. In this manner, the load can be utilized by both steam and diesel era modelers of any modeling period. The finished load is shown below on an HO scale Athearn 50’ flat car as well as divided up onto two HOn3 Blackstone 30’ narrow gauge flat cars. Furthermore, S and O scale modelers may even use this kit with the load representing a 175 and 125 horsepower engine respectively. Kit includes resin castings and laser-cut wood parts.  

Kit No. 210 Stationary Steam Engine Load MSRP $12.95


Northern Pacific 1700 Series Wood Cupola Caboose

In 1921, the Northern Pacific purchased 90 cabooses from Pacific Car & Foundry based on the design of its older 1200 series 24 foot offset cupola wood crummies, originally built between 1907 and 1913. These new cars differed slightly in having steel underframes and most were constructed with a slightly different side window arrangement. Numbered into the 1700 series, these cars were the last wood bodied cabooses the NP purchased. Furthermore, by late 1946, both the 1200 and 1700 series cars were rebuilt with common floor plans, new end railing arrangements and three step end platforms, and their former slanted side cupolas now made straight. As a final touch, all cabooses received AB style brake gear too. By the time the cars were repainted with the new “Monad” and Mainstreet of the Northwest scheme beginning in 1951, the 1700 series cars had reached their final appearance, although a few would survive into the Burlington Northern era long enough to wear green and yellow paint.

HO scale kit No. 885 reflects these postwar 1700 series cabooses , particularly those that have their rear side windows forward of the front of the cupola by the width of the window (the 1200 series and a few 1700 series cars had their second side windows directly in line with the front of the cupola, which can be modeled with our kit No. 871). Our new kit features 100% laser-cut components with custom laser-scribed plywood side and end walls; Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction; laser-cut underframe, end platforms, end railing, and brake wheels; cast resin platform steps and brake gear; white metal smokejack; fully illustrated instructions that provide information on painting and decaling the assembled model; and several fixtures to aid the modeler in creating all the handholds, railing, and ladders appropriate for the prototype. In addition, the HO scale kit can be built in one of three different ways based on the specific prototype the modeler wishes to reproduce: with full length letter boards across the top of the car sides; with battens only below the roof overhang on the sides; or with battens plus sheet metal flashing below the roof overhang. Also, two different widths of end ladders are also provided, so the modeler can match their particular caboose even more accurately. We recommend the purchase of WalthersProto 920-2032 Andrews Caboose Trucks; Kadee No. 5 couplers with draft gear boxes; Microscale decal sheet No. 87-184 “Northern Pacific Cabooses Pre-Merger, Early” or No. 87-842 “Burlington Northern Cabooses”; and the paint and glue of your choice for the completion of this kit.

HO Scale Kit No. 885 Northern Pacific 1200 Series Wood Cupola Caboose
Available now
MSRP ...$52.95

Wind Turbine Loads

American Model Builders - LASERKIT is pleased to announce a new and unique HO scale freight car load offering based on the enormous wind turbines currently popping up all over the United States. Over the past decade, the country has seen a surge in wind driven technologies and the railroads have played a key role in transporting the turbines to the general transload sites near these wind farms. Visible throughout the heartland and often seen in unit train consists, individual turbine blades, some stretching 150 feet in length, are often hauled straddled between two flat cars, usually on 89 foot piggyback cars relegated to general service, along with shorter flat cars utilized as idler cars or for carrying a turbine’s other components. Typically, a wind turbine setup includes three blades, generator nacelle, and cone plus the tower shaft, so a shipment of just 15 complete wind turbines might entail a single consist of 100 or more cars in length! Click on photo below for more information!

HO Scale Kit No. 216 Turbine Blade and Blocking
MSRP $19.95

HO Scale Kit No. 217 Nacelle and Cone with Blocking
MSRP $21.95

HO Scale Kit No. 218 Turbine Blade and Blocking 3-Pack
MSRP $51.95

By popular demand, we are now offering our wind turbine blade blocking as a separate sale item for those modelers interested in modeling empty flat cars or who have already purchased blades from another manufacturer. Three each of the H-frame and End frames are included. Please note that the round shaft support on the End frame is specific to our wind turbine blade and modifications may be required for it to work with other brands.

HO Scale Kit No. 219 Wind Turbine Blade Blocking Only 3-Pack
MSRP $21.95

The Country Grain Elevator

In 1991, American Model Builders, Inc. released its first laser-cut structure kit, the HO scale Country Grain Elevator. Made entirely of precision scribed and cut plastic components, the kit won high praise from model railroaders for both its esthetic appeal and ease of assembly. Absent from our catalog for the past decade, The Country Grain Elevator now returns to the product line as a revised kit, re-engineered for even easier assembly and made of wood for a more realistic appearance. In addition, this exciting new kit features the famous colorful “Faultless Feed” signage that graced our original display model, which was envied by thousands of modelers when it appeared on the cover of the January 1996 issue of Railmodel Journal. Click on photo below for more information!

HO Scale Kit No. 193 The Country Grain Elevator
MSRP $84.95

Generator Flat Car Load

Designed to fit 50’ or longer HO scale flat cars, our latest load features seven cast resin generators (two different designs included), ready for painting, along with easy to assemble laser-cut wood framing and blocking. Assembled load measures 6.625” long x 1.125” wide x 0.875” high.  

HO Scale Kit No. 212 Generator Flat Car Load
MSRP $17.95


Springfield Depot

Inspired by the countless number of small town railroad depots found across North America, the newest addition to our S scale line has been aptly called "Springfield Depot" for the widespread use of that town name in the US. The clapboard sided structure borrows elements from multiple designs displaying a centrally located angled three window bay with a small freight room on one side and passenger waiting room on the other side.

At only 7.5" long x 3.75" wide x 3" tall, the S scale depot will fit just about any 1/64 standard or narrow gauge layout with a rural or urban setting dated from the late 1800s though the present. The kit features 100% laser-cut parts that include tabbed and notched walls, peel and stick windows that can be assembled in layers for an optional open window effect, peel and stick trim, peel and stick shake style shingles, interior floor with wall partitions, our "stand alone" bay window design, detailed gable brackets, and a white metal chimney.

S Scale Kit No. 80 Springfield Depot
Available now MSRP...$74.95


Mine Trestling

This 100% laser-cut O scale basswood kit is designed to either augment the parts provided in our Kit No. 488 Martinsburg Coal Mine, to fit your own mine structure, or as a stand-alone unit. The kit provides 20 linear inches of “tailings trestle”, which can be assembled in a straight line or curves to suit your scenery.

O Scale Kit No. 452
Mine Trestling

MSRP ...$39.95

"The Pickle Works"
G. R. Dill & Sons Salting Station

A great small industry to add to your layout, our new O scale kit conveys the early appearance of pickle salting stations with its 100% laser-cut real wood construction right down to the 20 brine vats, which display individual wood planks and banding. Made from quality birch plywood and basswood, the modeler will easily be able to obtain that stained weathered look of the prototype facilities. Furthermore, the modular design of the kit, which includes the open platform with vats and freight car loading point and elevated shed with covered deck affords the modeler relative ease in placement of the structures on their layout even on curved sidings.

Kit No. 451 features everything the discriminating craftsman has come to expect from a LASERKIT® including Peel & Stick windows, door, trim, and roofing material, custom scribed platform decking, Tab & Slot wall and platform substructure assembly, laser-cut ladders and wheelbarrows, cast resin casks and cucumber loads for the wheelbarrows, cast resin scale, optional open vats with simulated brine, well-illustrated instructions, and full color signage that includes a unique dill pickle shaped rooftop billboard. As shown, the G. R. Dill & Sons Salting Station measures 16.5” long x 6.5” wide by 7” high with the elevated shed 5” long and the open platform 11.5” long. Click on photo below for more details!


O Scale Kit No. Kit 451 The Pickle Works
Available now MSRP...$189.95   

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